Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Saudi Ploy?

BBC reports...
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has offered to pay to repair India's largest mosque, Delhi's historic Jama Masjid (Grand Mosque).

The Times of India newspaper said the Saudi king also wanted to fund education in India.

Both offers have raised concerns with Indian security agencies who are said to fear that the money could be used to preach radical Islam, the Times reported.

I think, for once, Times of India may not be speculating. The Saudi king will want to invest in other avenues as well. In Pakistan we have seen ample demonstrations of this ploy. Under the guise of helping out, the Saudis have been able to successfully inculcate the radical and the vitriolic ideology of Wahhabism in Pakistani society. I may wish to believe that the Saudi intentions here are noble, but past experience tells me otherwise. It would thus be advisable for India to tread carefully on this offer. The Jamaa-e-Masjid should be renovated, but not at the cost of the Indian society. If this offer goes through, close monitoring of the Saudi funds will need to be carried out.

Arrggh... damn the fact, that the Saudis have the money but not the appropriate ideology to export to the world.