Friday, January 06, 2006

The Jamiat?

Came across some rather disturbing piece of news today. Jamaat-e-Islami's youth wing - the IJT - actually caused the disruption of an internal fashion design exam. The incident took place at Lahore College for Women University, which also happens to be my alma mater. I was rather perturbed by the following:
...allowing the students to wear their work to display it to the internal examiners for practical experience and professional training. They were also allowed to advertise the show with a banner as a part of their professional training. No one was invited or allowed to see the fashion show, however.

Some IJT activists, upon seeing the banner, approached the JI headquarter in Mansoora. Later, an IJT activist calling herself an LCWU student telephoned newspaper officers in Lahore and invited them to the ‘fashion show’ for ‘coverage’. Daily Times and several other newspapers received the call, from a number of Mansoora, the JI headquarter on Multan Road.
As the article mentions - this is highly irregular for a place like LCWU. From the two years I spent at the place, it was completely devoid of any such activism. I am pretty shocked by the fact that they have been able to entrench themselves deeply enough- that they feel comfortable over rigging this disruption. Moreover these were women activists! Traditionally, all the Jamiat activity was limited to a more masculine group and women activism in this area is rather unheard of it. And this incident also comes at a time when the Jamiat is being systematically rooted out of Punjab University (a stronghold for such activities). So I am really surprised by these developments.

I just hope that the authorities at LCWU are able to limit such activism, for it does not set a good precedent.

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