Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An encouraging ruling

A SC bench ruled yesterday that a man is not allowed a second marriage without the permission of the first wife. Failure to do so, would imply legal action. This is very encouraging. And if the concerned authorities do help uphold the law - then this would help assuage miseries of many a women in our patriarchal society.

Though Islam allows a man to marry up to four wives- but its lays down strict conditions that must be fulfilled. The two main ones being: the permission of all the previous wives must be obtained before marrying another woman and the man has to ensure that he will treat all his wives with equal measure - both financially and emotionally. Since it is not humanly possible to treat all the wives on the same emotional wavelength - so this condition is meant to act as deterrent to the practice.

Yet, most conveniently forget these conditions. To them Islam allows them to marry four times and no further questions should be asked. In the light of such selective application of Islamic principles- this ruling should really be welcomed. But still it will only be effective, if it is enforced properly. And that is a big precondition!

Supreme Court ruling here.