Thursday, December 08, 2005

Diplomatic Acknowledgement

The Musharraf regime seems pretty intent on furthering relations with Israel. The latest venture has seen the Israeli diplomats been received at Pakistani embassies:
According to the BBC Radio, the newspaper has reported that for the first time, Pakistani embassies are dispatching official notes sent to all diplomatic missions to Israeli embassies as well. The newspaper reported that Pakistani embassies had earlier deleted Israel from their mailing list but had recently started inviting Israeli diplomats to its programmes.
This is a big thing. It is an official acknowledgment of Israel - the diplomats have been allowed to interact. Israel is looking to "end its diplomatic isolation in Muslim countries" and Pakistan is there to welcome it with open arms. It would be interesting to see how the actual relationship develops. Just last week - an article appeared in the World Policy Journal that pointed to possible Israeli involvement in Zia's deadly plane crash. Israeli involvement is probable, especially since the US has been so keen to hush it all up. So if Israel's involvement is indeed proven - then what would that imply for the budding strategic relationship between the two? Will it survive the subsequent Mullah outcry? I am hopeful that it will. I say this because Musharraf is very keen on "improving" Pakistan's image abroad and of course Israel is a potential supplier of both military and non-military technology. The Mullahs can be tamed over time but the relationships need to be build now.

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