Monday, November 07, 2005

Just amazing

Over the last few days, we have been letting the little kitties out for a while. Of course we always did so when Mano herself is around but still someone used to keep an eye on the pesky little things.

But today since no one else was around to keep an eye on them, I decided to let Mano take care of them herself and settled on the side to continue with my readings. But its was just so amazing to see the way she looked after them, the way made sure they didnt wander off.. she would run after them or meow sharply whenever they would venture into areas that she deemed were unsafe. I even caught her scowling at Mownie and dragging her back. And then Mimi decided to climb up a tree and Mano was up after her in a jiffy! I only noticed when they were both half way up the tree. But Mano had at least made sure that she didn't climb up any further.

All of this was just one of the more pronounced displays of motherhood by Mano. There are so many little things that she does- like coming back in early from her wanderings of the outside world and heading straight to check on the kitties (instead of rushing for the food bowl, as she used to) and she would let the kitties eat whatever you put down to her and just contently watch them... It's amazing! At the end of the day, she is just an animal. Yet there is enough sense, compassion and intelligence in her to take care of the little ones.

Probably this is qudrat at her finest! And it just amazes me.