Sunday, October 30, 2005

Strewn :|

Early morning, I was ordered (:P) into starting this thread on SNOBS. The blog post linked on the thread was a rather controversial view of the history of the Indian sub-continent by V. S. Naipaul. It was explosive material, so it was thought that the dormant crowd at SNOBS would be awakened and would post something. Well we did get some posts- but thanks to the protagonists, the nature of thread made me want to strew them all over the place! Anyways - an opportunity for a good discussion squandered.

The two main things that struck me after reading Naipaul's views were these:

  • Why is it forgotten that while Ghazni and likes did plunder and loot the civilizations in India- Islam was not responsible...the spread of Islam among the masses owed more to the peaceful preaching of the Sufis and the Saints rather to the swords of these conquerors. So isn't this a somewhat crude reading of history?
  • Secondly, would these view still have been harboured- had there been no "Pakistan"? Where would all this anger (and blame) be directed then? Is it more pronounced now, because India had to go through the harsh experience of partition?

Oh well, there might still be some good discussion on the thread...