Saturday, October 29, 2005


When I watched The Message on GEO, two weeks ago I wondered to myself - "Are they really showing this on TV?" I found that a little hard to digest given that we as a nation are pretty particular about the religion and careful not to commit 'blasphemy' of any sort. So I was rather pleased that there were no objections - maybe we were maturing. This belief was somewhat strengthened when they aired it in Urdu the following week.

But how could the good-for-nothing Mullahs lets this pass?? There you go...
The North West Frontier Province Assembly passed a resolution on Friday, demanding the immediate ban of English film The Message because it hurt Muslim sentiments....Tabling the resolution, Deputy Speaker Ikramullah Shahid said a private TV channel had shown the Urdu version of the film. He said roles played by non-Muslims in the film were an affront to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and his companions. An immediate ban should be imposed on the film, he demanded.

Really?! And this is after the movie was carefully edited such that even the four Caliphs were not portrayed in person?! Do these worthy legislators have nothing better to do??